About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to operate an all natural apiary and maintain healthy colonies without the use of any man made pesticides or chemical treatments. Though we are a chemical treatment free apiary we are not totally treatment free as the "Totally Treatment Free" beekeepers describe their style.  Our management style is referred to as an "All Natural" apiary management style.  If we wouldn't eat it ourselves we won't put it on our bees or in their supplemental feed sources.  We use all natural oils and organic compounds for pest management control when needed. The results of our style of management promote the survival and propagation of only the strongest and most productive genetics for our geographic region. Our honey is all natural 100% raw unfiltered and unheated.  We produce both clear and full comb honey.  We produce a limited supply of full comb honey each season.  We use only "virgin comb" for our full comb honey production. We use no starter foundation of any type in our full comb honey production.  Our bees build directly onto the frame.  Our first year colonies and developing NUCs are used to supply additional wax comb for our full comb honey production.  For clear honey production we harvest lightly in the spring then moderately throughout the beginning of summer and more heavily towards the end of the nectar flows.  Then we allow our bees to top off their stores for the winter. We harvest our honey weekly on a varietal nectar source schedule in an attempt to market honey with a wide range of colors and taste throughout the season. All of our colonies, including overwintering NUCs, go into winter with a minimum of one full super of their own honey and all the pollen they could pack into their empty space. That is usually enough to get them through winter with a taste left over to jump-start spring buildup. If we see anyone running low on winter stores we will provide supplemental feed inside the hive. Any honey or food supplements left over from spring buildup are removed before the nectar flows begin.


  • Watkinsville, GA
  • Arnoldsville, GA
  • Statham, GA


Raw Honey

We sell only all natural 100% raw unfiltered & unheated comb honey. We hand select only the highest quality frames for processing. We hand cut every piece of comb and hand package every jar. Our product quality and dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none.


We are planning our 2016 pollination schedule now. Four hive minimum rental required with location within 50 mile radius of Watkinsville,GA. Contact Us for more information.


Interested in starting an all natural apiary or converting from a traditional one? We can provide valuable assistance. Our experience in traditional and all natural apiary management will save you time and money. Contact Us for more information.


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